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Doctor Death is the skeleton surgeon puppet. Doctor Death was built in Toulon's younger days when he was a chemist, master at anatomy, and puppeteer. Doctor Death is a puppet armed with medical tools, capable of tearing human flesh apart in a painful manner.


The puppet was to be used for a famous Theatre Magique Puppet Show about six damned mortals who are trapped in Hell. Duval Robinson, a French puppeteer did the voice for him on stage. When the Egyptian sorcerer Afzel passed the secret of life onto Toulon, he was pursued by three of Sutekh's Mummy Servants who wanted to steal it back from him.

They killed all of Toulon's friends and he avenged them by putting their souls into the puppets and bringing them to life. Dr. Death helped Toulon in fighting the mummies and building signs of protection to ward them off and he can unlock doors like a key. It is unknown how he was destroyed.


  • Retro-Puppet Master
  • Puppet Master: The Legacy (Archival footage)