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Dr. Alto Clef is an enigmatic scientist and gun enthusiast working for the SCP Foundation. He is known for being one of the most mysterious non O5 employees currently working for the foundation. It is impossible to properly photograph his face for some reason, as it is always swapped with the face of a random animal. Dr. Clef is known to be one of the most indestructible and invincible immortal members of the SCP Foundation alongside Dr. Jack Bright.

About Clef

Clef is renowned for his habit of brutally "decommissioning" extraordinarily dangerous SCPs. Clef is brutally efficient and will not shy from wasting countless innocent lives in the name of science and the protection of the outside civilian world. He is also well known for his attempt to murder the reality bending child prodigy SCP-239. Although this can be attributed to SCP-239's mysterious habit of accidentally bending the intentions of others to match her perception of their intent (in this case, Clef scolding her for using her "powers" in a dangerous way made him seem especially threatening to her). Women have an almost instinctive distaste and, in some cases, fear of him. It is thought that at this point he is either the literal devil himself or a being of ancient Sumerian origin due to his past romantic involvement with an SCP of Sumerian history. Clef is said to have a goddess as a wife who he has had several children with, but only one belongs to a past lover and to the foundation. He can only be known to identify as asexual or straight due to him having a female significant other and despite the rumors of his harassment towards other women is actually loyal to his wife. He is apparently the biological father of SCP-166.

Other Involvements and Reputation

Clef is considered as the Foundation's local "badass," if you will. A humorous rumor, while silly but taken quite seriously to some, is that Clef has no penis; just another fist holding a gun. Clef's personality, as his name suggest, is that while he is annoying in some instances he is able to do his job with precision and competence, sometimes even a bit too much. Clef once came to the Foundation with a chainsaw that he thought had some supernatural properties. However, he was not informed of the annual costume party, and he had the chainsaw at hand, which resulted in him killing half of his own research staff as he was under the impression there was a D-class riot (which everyone was dressed as). As it turns out, it was just a normal chainsaw after all. Clef and Dr. Bright are not allowed in same room with each other without a responsible researcher present. Dr. Kondraki doesn't count.

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