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Dojo Kanojo Cho is the guardian dragon of the Xiaolin Temple and keeper of the Ancient Scroll of the Shen Gong Wu. He is also the monks' main method of transportation. Whenever Dojo is unable to fly because of certain circumstances, the monks use Shen Gong Wu like the Silver Manta Ray or the Crouching Cougar. Dojo possesses the ability to change his size from about the size of a lizard to a 40-foot dragon. He is also a shape-shifter. He was voiced by Wayne Knight.


Dojo is ancient and much of his life is unknown. What is known though is that some millennia and half ago he served as the companion and best friend to Grand Master Dashi. Despite some tension they were close friends, at some unspecific point after Wuya's defeat he helped Dashi hide the countless Shen Gong Wu all across the globe, sometimes in strange places.

He serves as the Guardian of the Xiaolin Temple, sharing a close bond with Master Fung and Omi. When Wuya was released from her imprisonment the legendary artifacts awoke, serving as radar-and-transportation for the Xiaolin Warriors in their globetrotting hunt for Shen Gong Wu.


It apeeres that every 1500 years Dojo gets a craving for eating Shen Gong Wu and everything in his way. The only way to solve this is for Dojo to be locked up for 24 hours. Also if he gets out, he grows a second head, becomes evil, eats all the Shen Gong Wu and anyone or anything nearby, and then forces the world into 962 years of darkness.