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Dogbreath is one of the supporting antagonists and a member of John Silver's pirate crew in Disney's 2002 animated film Treasure Planet. He is a Kamelian pirate who join to find treasure.

He falls to his death along with Mackriki and Hands, at the beginning of the mutiny.


"Dumb as dirt, Dogbreath is physically and mentally uncoordinated. While walking and running, he uses his arms as a human would uses crutches. His eyes work independently, like those of a chameleon's."

  • – Treasure Planet: A Voyage of Discovery

During the film production, when it somewhat comes to the pirate crew, Dogbreath is one of the characters to be created by Ellen Woodbury.


According to "A Voyage of Discovery" itself, Dogbreath was dumb as dirt, basically mentally uncoordinated whatever when he's trying to do, even both coward and idiot whatever his actions gone too far.

Physical appearance

Dogbreath is a tannish-green Kamelian with the exception of his pickaxe-shaped head, chameleon-like eyes that protrude from their sockets, with a long neck, arms with claws and an heighten body. He wears a pair of dark bluish shorts and black boots.


Treasure Planet

He took part in the attack on the Benbow Inn, evidenced by his shadow revealed from the inn's lamps along John Silver, Pigors, Greedy, Aquanoggin, and Schwartzkopf, to find the Map Sphere from Billy Bones who later died after heading to Montressor.

Dogbreath is seen on the top at the ship, and than later picking up boxes during the packing for the ship along with the other members, who all of them were actually as pirates. He was seen at Silver's storytelling along with the others.

During the voyage, the ship encounters a supernova. Jim saves Silver from falling just in time. The supernova then devolves into a black hole, where Arrow falls. The burst of shock waves and maximum engine power enable Amelia to pilot the ship to safety. Captain Amelia mourns the loss of Arrow, and suspects Jim of failing to secure the lifelines, while Arrow's line was actually cut by Scroop.

He is also one of the first three pirates, the other two being Mackriki and Hands to die in the film, when a misfire from Doppler resulted in falling debris, destroying the floorboards, and sending the pursuing pirates falling out of the ship's longboat room from a great height to their apparent deaths.


  • He, Mackriki, and Hands are the first pirates to die, and also begin for him ain't fooling but instead runs very quickly through the hall to purse Jim from escaping.
  • Dogbreath is in shown in Treasure Planet: A Voyage of Discovery, as one of the riggers along with Mackriki, Bird Brain Mary, Greedy, Oxy and Moron.