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Dr. Hooves, also known as Dr. Whooves or Time Turner, is a background male Earth pony with an hourglass cutie mark. The character was given the name Doctor Whooves by fans (as a reference to the sci-fi drama Doctor Who, created by the BBC), which was adopted by the show's crew,and only later was the character explicitly given the name "Time Turner", chosen by Enterplay consultant Wendy E., in enter play's 2012 set of trading cards and with different punctuation on a 2012 IDW comic book cover; Gameloft's 2012 mobile game initially also gave him the name "Time Turner", but a 2013 update changed his in-game name to "Dr. Hooves", a name that has also been given to him in Mighty Fine's merchandise following the 2012 rejection of the original name "Doctor Whooves". Hasbro acknowledged the character's popularity in the Comic Con 2011 promotional poster, where he is explicitly posed in a way that his cutie mark is clearly visible.Dr. Hooves shares his design with Meadow Song and Lucky Clover.



"This is my timey wimey detector... it goes ding when there's stuff." -the tenth Doctor

Apple Bloom: You sir, care to buy some apples?
Dr. Hooves: Ah, no thanks.
Apple Bloom: Why not?
Dr. Hooves: I have plenty at home.
Apple Bloom: A-are you sure?
Dr. Hooves: Yes, I'm pretty sure I-...
Apple Bloom: You're pretty sure, but you're not absolutely positively completely super-duper sure, are you?
Dr. Hooves: Y-ah... if I buy some apples, will you please leave me alone?
Apple Bloom: Aaal-right!
"Oh. Umm... oh, I guess that's me!"
— Pegasus version, Sonic Rain-boom
"This watch is me!"
— Friendship is Magic Issue #9 page 8
"I made it!"
— Enterplay collectible card game Canterlot Nights #12 R card of Dr. Hooves


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