Dine and Dash (Isaac Pampling and Joel Nicholson respecitvely) are two criminal cats from "The Twisted Whiskers Show" Charged with the rape and murder of a 13 year old girl during their time in the Vietnam War, it is unlikely they will ever see the light of day outside of jail.

Dine and Dash often need to get past Joel Nicholson, a pesistant prison guard at the Hague Penitentiary Institute to acquire food and hard drugs. Dash is often seen with wide, bloodshot eyes during his screen time. this is a reference to his heavy meth addiction during the show.


  • Fish Market Frenzy
  • The Big Tuna Sausage Heist
  • Rape of Nanking Special
  • "Nothing Happened At Tiananmen Square"
  • Dine and Dash can't get their fix
  • Dash takes the easy way out (Part 1)


  • Dine has a short tail and a torny ear, which are common features for alley cats.
  • Dash is known to be dimwitted and not much of a skilled hunter.
  • They are the only recurring antagonists in the seires.
  • Dine and Dash will do anything and everything they can for meth.
  • Their names Dine and Dash is for the fact that they dine then dash when their caught.


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