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"Diapers! Diapers!"

  • Diaper Gang cheering

The Vojagis, better known as "The Diaper Gang" are secondary antagonists in the Korean 2006 film Aachi & Ssipak. They were the troops and minions of Diaper King.



During the film production, the Diaper Gang was drawn by Graffiti of one of the production team members, given through the fact that they were antagonists, the gang was in charge of cuteness in the work from the appearance to the voice.

Physical appearance

Voijagis were small, blue, pint-sized mutants with only wore white hoods and bow-ties.



The Diaper Gang were once humans and people when the world run out of all forms of energy, people startled built the new city by making the new energy with their excrements. Soon after the city's leaders announcing two legislations to generate and control the new energy, including installs an ID chip in each citizen's anus to monitor the defecation level, providing of defecates to citizens in return with one addictive juicybar. Until soon later, defecation amounts have skyrocketed, city becomes full of addicts due to juicybar's strong addiction. An illegal trade of juicybars becomes prevalent and its side effects has created mutants, all the Diaper Gang were one of the people that turn into. The mutants soon later organized a gang to plunder juicybars, later known as the Diaper Gang.

Sometime after, they were fleshed out, abandoned and banished from the city where now living inside of church in the desert, becoming the forgotten orphans.

Aachi & Ssipak

The Diaper Gang first appeared at the hijacking heist on Section 4, successfully victory on having juicybars and killing every soldiers before suddenly turn into a bloody rampage, and all of them (except the last one wounded) were killed by Geko.

Victims killed

  • At least of 16 soldiers
  • At least about of 5 civilians
  • At least 2 police officers
  • At least of 2 Boss' men
  • At least one of the SWAT officers


Failed attempts


  • The Diaper Gang were drawn in Graffiti of the production team members.