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"Because frankly I'm rich enough to do whatever the fuck I want and you're poor enough to not ask me any goddamn questions. Now, I mean that as a friend. Namasate."

  • Devin Weston

Devin Weston is the main antagonist of Grand Theft Auto V. He is an influential billionaire in San Andreas and runs various businesses as the President of Devin Weston Holdings. He is also a major shareholder in Merryweather Security, a private military company that acts as the muscle of his various corporate and criminal interests.

Weston offers Michael the possibility of making a movie with his idol, Solomon Richards, in order to raise the value of Richards' studio and he offers Trevor and Franklin a contract to steal five luxury cars (Cheetah, Entity XF, Z-Type, JB 700 and Monroe) for him so he can sell them to high ranking Chinese government officials. In their first mission, the trio get two speeders into pulling over in their super cars so Trevor and Michael rob the cars. The second mission is where Trevor locates Chad Mulligan so Franklin can steal his car and take it to Weston at the airport. The third mission is where Franklin sneaks into a movie studio and steals their car for the movie. The final mission is where, with the assistance of Lamar Davis, Trevor and Franklin steal a car and then take it to a truck to transport all the cars to Devin Weston. Though Devin refuses to pay them, promising to "invest" it for them in his own company.

Devin then attempts to shut down the production of Solomon and Michael's movie, having his lawyer Molly Schultz take a print copy and then stash it until Devin sees fit to have it destroyed. Though Michael stops her and she is accidentally killed. Enraged by her death, Devin sends a platoon of Merryweather soldiers to Michael's home in an attempt to have his daughter and wife killed. So Michael and his son, Jimmy, go to rescue them and clear the house out of Merryweather.

Devin will then request for Franklin to kill Michael for him. If Ending C (Deathwish) is chosen, the trio will have their enemies killed including Stretch, Wei Cheng and Steve Haines. Lester will then locate Devin so Trevor heads to his mansion to kidnap him. Trevor murders the Merryweather guards, knocks out Devin and places him in the trunk of his own Tornado car. Trevor takes him to a mountain to meet up with Michael and Franklin. After opening the trunk to gloat about their victory to Devin, the trio will then push the car his stuffed in off the mountain, crashing into many rocks until it lands and explodes, killing Devin.