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Pistol Digimon Deputymon

Group: Mutant - Level: Champion - Type: Vaccine - Attack Techniques: Justice Bullet, Russian Roulette Deputymon is a rootin', tootin' hombre of a Digimon, and is partners with Starmon. When Starmon fell under the influence of aDark Ring, he imprisoned DavisCodyYoleiSora and their Digimon, but then Deputymon showed up. When he proved to the kids that he didn't have a Dark Ring on him, they hoped he would release them - but he only released the girls and their Digimon, wanting them to play cards with him. Before the card game could get started, however, Starmon showed up and he and Deputymon had a western-style showdown. Starmon's Meteor Shower technique felled Deputymon, but shortly, after the Control Spire was destroyed and Starmon was freed, he popped up again, and he and Starmon played cards with the kids. Deputymon appears in "The Good, The Bad, and The Digi." His voice, supplied by Dan Lorge, is a caricature of John Wayne, the legendary western movie star. Name: From the word "Deputy," a police rank.