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Clementine "Clemmie" Johnson is an promiscuous and curvaceous Deputy of the Reno Sheriffs Department.


Deputy Johnson always wears her Uniform shirt partly unbuttoned exposing her cleavage. and for a short time wore a bra like bulletproof vest as her duty uniform.

Previous Occupations

Deputy Johnson has worked previously as:

  • Ex-Magicians Assistant
  • Exotic Dancer
  • Wiccan (Witch)
  • Pothead
  • And 1 time Steely Dan Groupie (Whom she calls "The Dan")

Previous and Current Romantic Relationships

  • Steed A 1-time boyfriend whom Deputy Johnson had attempted to marry but later discovered that it was unoffical when the couple had forgotten to obtain a marriage licence.
  • Deputy James Garcia a relationship she compared to getting a flu shot ("You do it once, and you never have to do it again!").
  • Deputy S. Jones (seemingly current boyfriend/lover)


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