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"No matter what you choose, you'll always be my little brother."

  • Denahi to Kenai

Denahi is the main antagonist of the Disney film, Brother Bear. He is Kenai's former arch-nemesis and older brother and Sitka's younger brother.


Denahi is very teasing and defiant with Kenai and the two always seek to annoy the other. After the ceremony, Denahi mocks Kenai for his totem and blames him for his lack of attention for improperly tying the basket of fish the three brothers had caught. Right after, Denahi and Sitka leave to rescue Kenai who is attacked by a bear on a ice floe. In order to save his brothers, Sitka sacrifices himself and a funeral is held for him. Full of rage, Kenai wants to go kill the bear but Denahi refuses saying it's not the right thing to do. Unable to change his younger brother's mind, he leaves to prevent him from making a mistake. But when he goes to the mountain, he only sees Kenai transformed into a bear with his clothes next to him, believing his brother to be dead.

For most of the film, Denahi darkens and vengeful and hateful stalks the bear wanting to kill him while unaware that it is Kenai.