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Dementor is TurboMan's archnemesis and main villain of the fictional show Turboman. He only appears in the Christmas themed film Jingle All the Way in the introductory sequence, though Myron Larabee wears a costume of him during the final part of the movie.


Dementor is TurboMan's archnemesis.

He is an evil genius who wears a blue,classic sci fi villain suit with a glass cap on his head which contains his brain.

He's highly intelligent and possesses a lot of arsenal and weapons in his suit as well as a teleportation device.

He also commands a group of minions called the demon team.

Dementor's first appearance is in the Turboman Show introduction

.He kidnapps the son of the president and attempts to throw him off a cliff,but is stopped by Turboman who promptly saves the kid. However,Dementor escapes,swearing revenge.

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