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Deckard Wizard is a minor character in Bee and PuppyCat. He has a quiet personality and has a romantic interest in Bee.


Deckard lives in apartment 101. Bee and him are close friends. He seems to be the youngest of many siblings and tends to get teased by them.

He has a talent in cooking food and works as a prep cook. He has even gotten accepted into a fancy culinary school, however it is off the island he and Bee live on.


Deckard is a quiet individual who seems passive when compared to the people around him. He sometimes puts others' needs before his, like skipping a day at work so he and Bee can hang out. When nervous he seems to stutter and blush.

He is caring and protective, at least towards Bee. He tends to look the other way when she does something others might find strange.


Deckard has dark skin. He appears to have heterochromia iridum, a blue eye and a light green eye. He has white hair that's shaved in the back. He wears a brown jacket and pants. When he's cooking, he wears a light blue shirt, cat apron.


"Whoa dog smell, Very cute"

"That's not what we needed but that's ok we can work with this"


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