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Debbie Lincoln is an antagonist in the episode "Eloise Goes to Hollywood" from from the animated series Me, Eloise.


Not much is known about her other then the fact that she went to audition for the exact same movie Eloise auditioned for and her and Eloise initially played on the train headed there.

Though shortly after meeting her, Debbie became into her true colors and we learn that she is actually extremely rude, obnoxious, and entitled. She treats everyone very poorly for no apparent reason whatsoever.

Eventually, after she got the part, she became increasingly jealous due to Eloise getting all the attention from Diego, the Hispanic director of the movie. At one point she throws a tantrum on set, verbally abuses Diego and her mom and is quickly fired.

She then is seen sobbing back at the Hollywood Hills hotel after hearing that the studio has cancelled her contract. Though she apologizing for the earlier incident the damage has been already done.

Later, after Eloise becomes fed up with Hollywood being not what she expected and fakes an injury on the set to get out of it, Debbie is rehired to replace her own original part. Debbie then sees Eloise leaving and apologizes for the way she previously behaved and treated her before the two girls bed farewell.


  • Many fans often compare her to Darla Dimple from the animated film Cats Don't Dance, due to her ringlet hair and having a strikingly similar personality.