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The Deadly Six (六鬼衆 Rokkishū? lit. "Band of Six Ogres") are antagonists that appear in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. They are a villainous gang of six menacing Zeti. Originally formed several years ago, Dr. Eggman discovered the Deadly Six and tried to harness the power of the group in an attempt to defeat Sonic the Hedgehog and conquer the world. However, due to Sonic's recklessness, the Deadly Six broke free and threatened to destroy the world on their own, forcing Sonic and Eggman to team up to stop them. In the end, the Deadly Six were defeated by Sonic.

Concept and creation[]

SLW Deadly Six and Sonic Concept Artwork

Concept artwork of the Deadly Six.

According to Takashi Iizuka, the Deadly Six were meant to bring a “sense of danger and humor” to the story of Sonic Lost World. According to another interview with Iizuka at the Summer of Sonic 2013, the Deadly Six are based off of "oni", which is a Japanese demon. The main motif is that the Deadly Six were based off of an "ogre", a mythological creature.



The Deadly Six were formed several years prior by Master Zik. However, it was Zik's student Zavok who would assume leadership over the group, as his demeanor and intelligence made him well-suited for the position.

Sonic Lost World[]

In the Wii U version and PC version of Sonic Lost World, the Deadly Six were enslaved by Eggman using a Cacophonic Conch, which Eggman used to cause them pain if they disobey or offend him. Zazz, always eager for a fight, volunteered to fight Sonic first but was defeated twice. Eggman sent Zomom after Sonic next, but Sonic defeated him twice. During a confrontation between the Deadly Six and Eggman, Sonic appeared and recklessly knocked the Cacophonic Conch away. Now free from Eggman's control, the Deadly Six rebelled against him, commanding all of the Badniks they took control of to attack everyone present. Despite this, Sonic, along with Tails, Eggman and his two robot henchmen Orbot and Cubot escaped safely from the danger.

Master Zik was the third to fight Sonic. The Deadly Six then used Eggman's unstable Extractor to absorb the earth's life, growing stronger over time. Zeena fought Sonic fourth. Later on, the Deadly Six decided to capture Sonic and turn him into a robot under their control, but they captured Tails instead. Zor fought Sonic fifth and Zavok fought him last.

After each of the Deadly Six had been defeated twice by Sonic, Zavok proceeded to transform Tails into a robot as an act of revenge. Zazz, Zomom, and Master Zik attacked Sonic and Eggman on Lava Mountain, seemingly killing Eggman, Orbot and Cubot as they fell towards the bottomless pit while Sonic survived. Sonic defeated Zazz, Zomom and Master Zik in Zone 1. Eventually the hedgehog confronted the remaining of the Deadly Six, Zeena, Zor and Zavok and tried to force Sonic to surrender by sending in the roboticized Tails and ordered him to attack Sonic. Tails, however, shot at the Zeti, causing them to flee as Sonic pursued them. One by one Sonic defeated Zeena, Zor, and Zavok.

The fate of the Deadly Six (aside from Zavok) is left unclear, as each of them disappeared after their defeat. However, Eggman vowed to try and control the Deadly Six again.

Members of the Deadly Six[]

Name Character Description
Zavok is the leader of the Deadly Six and the member behind the destruction of the world and the depletion of Sonic.

Compared to the rest of his members, Zavok is the more intimidating and mature member.

Zazz is one of the members of the Deadly Six in plans for the destruction of the world. He is more short-tempered and hot-headed member of the six.

He will rely on his speed and mischief-making to stop Sonic.

Zeena is a member of the Deadly Six and the only female member who is also is in the plan for the destruction of the world. She seems rather more layed-back than the rest of her members.

She will depend on her nails and hair to stop Sonic.

Zik is one of the members of the Deadly six and apparently the oldest member of the six. According to the trailer, Zik is rather the calmer, wise and more silent member.

He will rely on his shaft to stop Sonic.

Zomon is a member of the Deadly Six and the largest member of the six. He is rather the light witted member of the team and will rely on his huge hands and weight to stop Sonic.
Zor is a member of the Deadly Six and the rather shorter and 'gloomier' member of the six. He carried a large sky blue rose with him at all times.


  • Similar to other powerful entities, Eggman attempts to control the Deadly Six in order to take over the world, only for them to turn against him. The main difference is that it happens early in the game, rather than towards the end.
  • Zavok and Zeena are the only Deadly Six members whose names are not mentioned in all the versions of Sonic Lost World.
  • While the Deadly Six seemingly vanished after their final battles in the Wii U version and PC version, in the Nintendo 3DS version they survive and merely fly away like in previous battles.
  • In the English instruction manual of Team Sonic Racing, Zavok is described as being the "former leader" of the Deadly Six, which suggests that the group disbanded after the events of Sonic Lost World.