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don't know what to think anymore...„~ David after being attacked by Clowny.David Evans is one of the three main protagonists of the ARG Series, TalesFromTheSpidersWeb.


While his channels main purpose was to document footage of him and his friends, he seems very notable about the strange man appearing in his videos, although seemingly trying to ignore him at the same time.He eventually begins acknowledging the phenomena when videos that aren't his begin being posted on his channel, and he is attacked by a man in a strange clown mask. David eventually begins fearing for his life for at one point he states in a video description that he gave his YouTube and Twitter password toJesse and Simon in case something happens to him.


David is a pale teenager with short, curly hair and green eyes. He is a generally friendly person, who is notably awkward.Eventually, he shows signs of a recurring need for self-defense, as he at one point grabs a knife from his nearby drawer he feels paranoid. Davids main goal is to figure out whats going on and protect himself against the men in masks that consistently torment him.At first, David seems to be normally taking the horrifying around him very seriously, whilst on-screen with anyone else, he will act as if everything is fine. David also tends to rely on only his friends a lot. He goes to Jesse for assistance when he needs help figuring something out and to be able to talk to someone.


David is the most insecure of the three main characters:David seems to be relatively anti-social, as he often has trouble talking to his friends about his situation with the Slender Man.David blatantly ignores the phenomena when it happens around others, possibly thinking he is mentally ill.A recent update to the channels' Twitter page reveals David's last name to be "Evans".