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Darth Vader is a far cry from his tragic and ultimately redeemed film counterpart. Vader rules the tyrannical New Galactic Empire alongside the Emperor, and works with the Knights of Sith to systematically wipe out all Jedi-Bendus alongside their families and friends. Promoted by the Emperor to partner with Governor Hoedaack in conquering the Aquilaean System, Vader uses the Space Fortress to firebomb the planet of Aquilae, destroying all resistance against him as well as any innocents in the way. Once establishing his grip on the planet, Vader begins rounding up any and all civilians who attempt to resist his rule and brutally vaporizes them in public executions. Once capturing Princess Leia of Aquilae, Vader plans to have his scientists torture her with horrific experiments until her mind breaks to his will, and kicks the torture off by electrocuting her and laughing at her screams. Vader ultimately plans to betray and murder the Emperor and assume control of the New Empire for himself, using it dominate and destroy all he sees fit.

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