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314px-Jarvis, Daisy & Sophie - BabysitterWar

Daisy, Jarvis, and Sophie Fenton are the kids Sam Puckett and Cat Valentine babysit in the episode, #BabysitterWar. They are portrayed by Ellee Jo Trowbridge, Justin Ellings and Rachel Eggleston.



Daisy is the older of the two girls and also seems to be the oldest of the three kids. Like her brother Jarvis, not much is known about her, but she was also shown to appreciate what the things her babysitters make them did. She is apparently a fan of Justin Bieber, so she liked Justin Fever. She didn't wanted to vote for a favorite babysitter, but since she had to do it, she decided to vote for Sam.


Jarvis is the only boy of the three kids. Not much is known about him, but he was shown to appreciate all the thing their babysitters showed them. He seems to love launching projectiles as he was really interested in the Turkey Cannon and firework display. He didn't wanted to vote for a favorite babysitter, but since he had to do it, he decided to vote for Cat.


Sophie is the youngest of the three. She appears shy and doesn't talk very much. Ironically, she appears to be the most important of the three kids. Like her siblings, she was appreciating what her babysitters made them do. She apparently doesn't like competition between friends as she told Sam and Cat that it didn't matter who was the better babysitter, since they are great friends. So, she didn't have a preference.