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He's a luckless, clumsy 14 year old dishwasher and waiter at the Goh-Rong restaurant. He is nervous and high-strung, which frequently leads to accidents around the kitchen.Even though he is slow and klutzy, he does have some ninja skills as shown in Janitaurus. In Soap Opera, it is revealed that Dada is in love with Ring-Ring, and the show occasionally goes back to this, especially in He Loves Me Not in which he tricked Ring Ring to marry him by disguising himself as Garu. The real Garu pulls off his mask, and Ring Ring transforms into her Yang form when his identity is revealed. There are also some very subtle hints that he might have a crush on Pucca, but the evidence for this claim is insubstantial. He is, however, one of the very few people who can intercept one of Pucca's kisses without recrimination (in The Ring Ring Touch, when Pucca accidentally kisses him, he blushes and says "I've been kissed by a super model!"). He is one of the few characters to use a fork, only to be laughed at as Sooga Village uses chop sticks. The chefs treat him with very little respect which annoys him. In recent episodes, Dada has begun to show a rather villainous side of himself and also he was actually have a seek of revenge on the chefs in Chefnapped. In Chef Napped, he helped Ring Ring kidnap all the great chefs of the world, and tried to crush the village with a giant robot. He is voiced by Lee Tockar.


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