Cyber Koopa

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Cyber Koopa is a Koopa and the main hero in the Cyber Koopa series. He is a Koopa that was created inside a computer to stop viruses from hacking computers, but he managed to break out and now tries to defend the world.Cyber KoopaNo image description available (yet)Full NameCyber KoopaCurrent AgeAgelessGenderProgrammed to be maleClassHeroElement(s)InternetVulnerable ToWater

Powers & Abilities

Cyber Koopa is able to release green wires from his mouth and absorb data from his enemies. When he does this, he is then able to use the powers he downloaded into his system. He can also go inside computers to steal information from enemies. If he hacks a robot, he is given the option to take complete control of the robot. He can also shoot purple lightning from his stomach and fly.

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