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Curious is Claw's pet hermit crab, and is my fourth and first pet character on the wikia.


Curious was with the other Hermit crabs on Hawaii, but then adventured and found Claw, and became his pet. Claw goes to Hawaii everytime Curious wants to, and, when home, Claw keeps him outside or on an aquarium. Curious' shell never gets old, and Curious seems to never get out of it aswell. He was put into a race to escape the Great Maze in Costa Rica, and won. This earned him the award/medal "The Fastest Crab In The World".


Curious, like the other small hermit crabs, can fit on tight spaces, but for a hermit crab, Curious is really fast. He mostly uses his shell as his defence, as the shell never gets old and is indestructable, giving him full protection.


Curious, as the name suggests, has a strong sense of curiousity, meaning if he finds something, he'll get interested about it. He is very friendly with hermit crabs and gave him half of his reward/medal to them.

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