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Cuphead is the titular main protagonist of the 2017 Studio MDHR video game of the same name, as well as the main protagonist of the Netflix animated series The Cuphead Show!.


Cuphead is an anthropomorphic teacup with a humanoid body and a teacup as a head, hence the name. He appears to have gray skin, a red and white striped bent straw protruding out the back of his head, along with liquid filling his head. He has large half-circle eyes and a small red nose. He wears white Mickey Mouse-like gloves, a black long-sleeve shirt, red shorts, and brown shoes.


Cuphead is problematic, but he is shown to regret it when dealing with the consequences. He shows himself to be confident, entertaining and slightly cheeky. Cuphead is also apparently willing to risk anything to get what wants, which shows he is impulsive. Despite his flaws, however, he is kindhearted and has good intentions overall.


Cuphead and Mugman lived happily in Inkwell Isle together with their caretaker Elder Kettle. One day when they both wandered far from home and ended up in the casino. In the casino, they both won lots of games and ended up having The Devil offering them both: If they win, they'll own the casino, but if they lose the Devil will take their soul. Cuphead, who wants to be rich, rolled the dice (ignoring Mugman's advice) and ends up losing the bet. Cuphead and Mugman begged for mercy and the Devil ended up giving them a task to collect his soul contracts.

After beating King Dice and collecting the contracts, The Devil would offer Cuphead two choices: To join him or not. If the player chooses to join him, Cuphead and Mugman ends up being demons. If the player refuses to join the Devil, the Devil will be very angry and Cuphead will end up dueling each other.

Cuphead wins at last and burns all the soul contracts, he and Mugman went back happily and told everyone how they saved Inkwell Isle.


  • The liquid in his head is the essence of his soul, according to Studio MDHR.
  • In the Steam Store artwork for Cuphead, Cuphead appears to be wearing red shoes, despite him wearing brown shoes in-game.
  • His parents have never been seen or mentioned, hinting that Cuphead is orphaned along with his brother.
  • Cuphead's age is unknown. As explained by the producers of the game, he and Mugman "aren't exactly kids and they aren't exactly adults."
  • Cuphead is based on old cartoon characters, most notably as the cup character from the Japanese propaganda Evil Mickeys attacks Japan (1936), as stated by a developer.
    • He may likewise have been influenced by the design of various porcelain characters from the 1934 Silly Symphony The China Shop.
    • He is heavily based on Bimbo the Dog, the boyfriend of Betty Boop being influenced by 1930's cartoons most notably from Fleischer Studios.
    • Although heavily influenced by Bimbo, his appearance and traits are more similar to that of Mickey Mouse and Felix the Cat, sporting similar attire to Mickey's while sporting the same large circled eyes as well as tending to get into trouble like Felix during his earlier years.

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