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"I deserve to be loved." - Crowley


Crowley's natural form looks, other than most demons, not like black, but like red smoke. His vessel is an unsuccessful literature agent in his mid-fifties, who is short and has black hair. Crowley grows a beard in the later seasons. His clothes are always professional, he prefers to wear black suits.


As a demon, Crowley doesn't really have emotions. He's smart, manipulative, ruthless, sarcastic, cunning and merciless. He doesn't care about anybody else, especially not humans. Surprisingly, in the later seasons, when he's capable of feeling, he still doesn't care about humans. The only people he ever cared for are Dean, Sam and Castiel.

Early Life

Fergus Roderick MacLeod was born in 1661 in Scotland. He grew up without a father and with a rather distant and at times abusive mother, who also happened to be a witch. Fergus learned a little bit of magic from his mother. When he was 8, his mother had to flee and left him behind. Later when he grew older, he became an unsuccesful tailor and a drinker. He had a son, Gavin, whom he heavily abused. Finally, after he sold his sold his soul to a demon to get a longer penis, he died at the age of 63 and came to hell, where he was tortured and turned into a demon.

In the series

Season 5

Crowley is first mentioned in season 5 by Becky, he is suspected to be the new owner of the colt, which Sam and Dean plan to use to kill Lucifer. They use Castiel to locate Crowley, then break into his house only to find out that he waited for them, and that he plans to work together with him. Crowley gives them the colt and explains to them that he only wants to save himself, because Lucifer also plans to kill all demons. When Dean tries to shoot Crowley, he notices that Crowley didn't give them any munition, because the demon knew what would happen. Finally, he does give them the munition before vanishing. Later in the episode, Sam and Dean find out that the colt can't kill Lucifer, and they think Crowley betrayed them.