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Croaker is a friend from Kermit's youth with much gusto. In Kermit's Swamp Years, the two embark on a journey to save their friend Goggles from a pet store owner who has taken him outside the confines of the swamp and into the human world.

Croaker is the best hopper in the Swamp. He is also the boldest. However, he makes the mistake of standing up to a "shiny wheeled red beast" (Wilson's Pet Truck) and gets a huge tire track across his chest. When he cannot hop immediately after that, he starts to lose his bravery. Finally, with encouragement from Kermit, he finally managed to hop again.

Originally, Joey Mazzarino was meant to play Croaker while Bill Barretta played Goggles. However, when the two puppeteers tried the characters, they decided it would be better to switch the roles.[1]

He makes a brief appearance in Muppets Most Wanted in the wedding scene.



  • If Dr. Hugo Krassman cut his organs and Kermit hasn't rescued him, he will start bleeding and he can't survive without blood in his body.


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