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Cricket is a character who appeares in the episode, "Pinocchio". He is, in a sense, Pinocchio's concious and tries to get him to do the right thing, and even cheer him on when he is about to.

Much like Gepetto, he was disappointed when Pinocchio would lie or do something wrong/bad. He also seems to be somewhat clumsy.

Cricket was voiced by Eddie Glen


As said, Cricket appeared in due time when Pinocchio kept lying. Their relationship is unknown but Cricket does not like to see Pinocchio lie or cause trouble. He is very eager, perky, and excited. Offering to cheer Pinocchio on when he was going to attempt to tell Gepetto the truth about his wooden doll.

Also, Cricket seems to be somewhat clumsy.


Cricket was a small yellow-green cricket with very long thin black antennae. His eyes were black and he was often seen smiling. He has small white folded against his back wings and wore a plain blue vest with a pink-peach scarf around his neck. His arms and legs are black and he has on white gloves.

Cricket had 3 beta-designs:

A: The most unique design considered. Cricket was dark green and had a pig-like nose and brown eyes. His antennae was yellow and he had short blue wings and wore a orange-brown vest and cobbled shoes. His legs were thick, along with a "tail"-segment.

B: A cuter version of the previous design, Cricket is now light green and hias the same eyes. He lacks a nose and gained dark curled antennae. His wings were the same but he gained a pale gray-brown shirt with a khaki vest, dark brown pants and loose brown boots.

C: His final beta design, the one his current design is likely a recolor of. He was brown-gray in color with dark blue eyes and straight pointing antennae. His vesti s orang while his scarf was yellow-gold.



  • Originally in Pinocchio, the Cricket was much different. His name was Jiminny and he was also much more reserved, relaxed, and vocal in terms of making Pinocchio do the right thing.