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Paranoia, he is back, like a feverish monster that wants to corrupt my brain. I'm not quite sure why the devils creature has returned, maybe I did something to provoke it. It is quite unusual that he popped up again.I would have thought by now he would have disappeared and would have become oblivious to my mind. Obviously I was incorrect. Not only was my brain telling me lies about paranoia being gone it also lied to me about being healed from the incurable disaster. It is literally unbelievable to me how the creature stepped his way back into my brain and caused my ears to hear silent but powerful lies. He deceived my eyes to make them see things that are not truly there, things that frighten me. He tells me I am nothing and that I am useless to everybody and everything. I absolutely believe every word paranoia delivers to my mind.Paranoia is evil, monstrous, deceptive and destructive. Every little brain cell I have, he devours with his sharp tongue and his murderous claws. I know you must think that I am crazy but I do believe he partners with insomnia and revokes me from my slumber. So here I am listening to his unforgettable tales and slowly wasting away on my joyride to insanity.

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