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Corgi in the Secret Life of Pets

Corgi (or Corgis, a.k.a. Corgi from minions, Royal Corgis) - Second-time characters from the film Minions. Former favorite dogs breed Queen Elizabeth's. Cute funny dogs, love to play polo and cricket (for one of the royal corgis). They appear in the films Minions, Mower Minions, and the first part of the film The Secret Life of Pets. Will be known about the dogs of the Queen in Despicable Me 5 or in Minions 3 and the future untitled separate film about Corgis.


They are second-legged dogs characters.


They were like Queen Elizabeth's favorite dogs breed. They will offer a queen Elizabeth. But after she left the throne, he was loved by a trio of minions, were on the throne. They love to play polo like horses. And cricket for one of the royal Corgis. One of the Corgi dog breeds. Queen Elizabeth's pet. A cheerful funny dog, loves to play polo and cricket.


The Corgi is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi dog. He has orange fur, a bushy tail, short legs, brown eyes, a white belly up to the paw and muzzle, a blue collar with a tag, a black nose, and ears like a sheepdog or a fox. Some other corgis have different sizes.


Corgis are kind, cute, friendly, funny and playful dogs. They were like Queen Elizabeth's pets. They love to play polo and cricket (for one of the royal corgis). Sometimes some corgis have a bad habit of licking someone.

Brief description of the character[]

One of the Corgi dog breeds. Queen Elizabeth's pet. A cheerful funny dog, loves to play polo and cricket.


The young Queen Elizabeth got only two corgis. And then at some point she got 9 more corgis of a man. True, and they have grown. And some men came playing polo on Corgis. And Queen Elizabeth rides a carriage in England, and she leaves her corgis at home. And the Royal Family.


Playing polo riding the royal corgis and playing cricket and ceremony[]

After Bob's coronation, they play polo astride Corgis. One of the Royal Corgis barked and stood on her hind legs. And he jumped with Kevin. And a huge team of royal athletes also plays with him. After that, he plays cricket with Kevin. Scarlet Overkill is at Buckingham Palace, which he tries to kill; and he jumps on her, and licks him in the face. But Scarlet throws the Corgi back on the floor, frightening the artist, and the corgi whines. At the end of the film, at a ceremony on the lawn in front of Buckingham Palace, athletes stand and hold their corgis. One of the Royal Corgis licks his mouth at one of the minions. In the scene after, he plays polo again, and five athletes on the corgis, stomping on Kevin.

Mower Minions[]

Further the royal corgi can be seen in Mower Minions. He first sits and influences with his tail. And then at some point he poops. And one of the minions pulls out a poop. And he's happy at first, but then he's scared and howls like a wolf. And then he'll play with it like a swindle ball. And he's tired and tired. He was never seen again at the end of the mini movie.

The Secret Life of Pets[]

And the Secret Life of Pets. He was like one of the guests at a wild pop party. He walked around to other dogs and asked each other. A little later, when Chloe's cat stuck the pipe, she removed the corgi from the chair where the corgi himself was sitting. Will be known about these queen dogs in Despicable Me 4. And his own separate film about corgis made of minions.

Despicable Me 4[]

The corgi did not appear.

An untitled stand-alone film about royal corgis from An untitled stand-alone film about royal corgi from minions[]

Coming soon


Kevin, Stuart and Bob

He's probably good with Kevin, even when he's being too playful and friendly playing polo with Kevin. And cricket with Kevin. And Stuart doesn't know him and isn't friends with him. And Bob He is seen in the post-credits scene when one of the royal corgis is playing polo and takes the ball in his mouth and runs off somewhere and Bob runs after him.


They are also friendly. Especially when one of the royal corgis licks his tongue in the mouth of one of the minions in the crowd at their ceremony.

Queen Elizabeth

The queen's most famous hobby was her wild passion for corgis. She loves corgis.

Royal Athletes

When they play polo on corgis, they run after them in a friendly and polite manner and it seems that two of them, holding a heavy corgi, drag the corgi under them.

Scarlet Overkill

The attitude towards the villain is terrible. When he licks her in the face, (after he attacks her and Scarlett stands up, seething with anger, and removes the corgi from her face) but Scarlett Overkill throws the corgi back to the floor. Still, she hates corgis.



  • Corgi is the first character from studio Illumination, after Corgis' straightforward in Sing 2 (2021)
  • They are all boys and not corgi girls: they can be seen on a blue collar or green
  • They performed well as polo horses riding a Corgis.