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Coco human

Coco is the Mermaid Princess of the South Pacific Ocean and is a close friend of Sara, the original Mermaid Princess of the Indian Ocean.

Like Noel (Mermaid Melody), she did not make many debuts to the anime until the second season because she was captured.


Coco is very hyper and playful person. She serves as a cupid for Rina and Hanon because the two were so stubborn and lost with their boyfriends. She is really bad at lying and tends to let whatever is in her head come out through her mouth, similar to Hippo's habit.


  • Human Form: Coco has shoulder length blond hair with her bangs completely covering her forehead and bright yellow eyes. Her wardrobe consists of mostly yellow garments and she wears her pendant around her neck like most of the mermaid princesses. She also has a light yellow hat with a green ribbon around the top, apparently symbolizing Coco's presence.
  • Mermaid Form: Coco's blond hair is now body-length while her eyes remain the same color. She wears a light yellow shell bra and her tail is a dark yellow shade.
  • Idol Form: Coco wears a short yellow dress with yellow trim and a big puffy yellow ribbon in the back. Her gloves and boots are also yellow and puffy and she gains a few accessories along with her transformation, including her microphone.


In the anime, Coco shouts "Yellow Pearl Voice!" to transform. In the manga, Coco does not have a phrase to transform, she simply just transforms with her own will. Coco can sing to fend off enemies. Once joined with the other mermaid princesses, her voice's power increases. In the manga, she can even do so in her mermaid form and without her pearl.



  • Coco's name is deprived from the tropical fruit "coconut". Considering how she is associated with Hawaii. Despite the fact that Hawaii is located on the South Pacific Ocean.
  • She is one of the two who do not have any love interest.