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Clover is a spy/student from Totally Spies. She is arguably the dim-witted member. When she's not on spy duty, she tries to find a cute boy of her own.

Ending description Swimming Pool Side (Japanese version only): Clover and Andrea are lying on chairs at the beach. Three men approach the two girls, two of them dancing while the other flexes his muscles. Andrea turns her head away, only to be pulled off of her chair by one of the men, who then attempts to dance with her. Meanwhile, Clover is shown with the other two men, enjoying their attention. Andrea gives a disgusted and dirty look, and she breaks free of the man's grasp. Andrea walks up behind Clover and pulls the upper half of Clover's bikini down, leaving her breasts exposed. A mortified look appears on Clover's face as she covers her breasts. Andrea walks away, takes her sunglasses off, and smiles as the screen fades to white.