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Archdeacon Claude Frollo is a priest at Notre Dame, he is bright and compassionate he is not typical evil character bent on causing pain and suffering. He extends the same compassion to Quasimodo, who he tries to mold into a scholar by teaching him how to read and write. Frollo's descent into black magic and madness through his failure to bring up Quasimodo. Quasimodo's deafness makes it virtually impossible to teach him anything. The hunchback thus becomes both a symbol of failure for Frollo as well as a powerful tool of vengeance to wreak his frustrations out on the world. His obsessive lust for Esmerelda causes her to be executed and Quasimodo to be tortured. Frollo tries to make Esmerelda to love him, he only ends up causing her pain and his own madness.

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