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Cinderpelt is a supporting character in the book series Warrior Cats by Erin Hunter. She is a dark gray Thunderclan Medicine Cat with blue eyes. In life she had a broken hind leg, but this injury is confirmed to have healed after she joined Starclan. Cinderpelt was originally being mentored by Firestar (named Fireheart at the time) but after being hit by a car on the Thunderpath, Yellowfang offered to train her as a medicine cat instead.

After the move to the Lake territories, Thunderclan is attacked by badgers and Cinderpelt dies protecting the kits of her friend Sorreltail and her brother Brackenfur. Starclan gave her "another chance" by allowing her spirit to reside in her niece, Cinderheart. Despite seemingly being reincarnated, Cinderpelt is still a different cat to Cinderheart, and the two characters eventually separate as Cinderpelt finally joins Starclan.