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Chuck Adoodledoo is the major character of TV Chuck Chicken. Chuck Adoedledoe inherited Golden Egg Securities from his Uncle Dan who disappeared in mysterious circumstances, and has made it his mission to find him again. Chuck is the clumsiest chicken on Rocky Perch Island, and the least likeliest hero you'd ever meet. That was until he received Uncle Dan's mystical talisman, an object that bestows the wearer with amazing Kung Fu abilities. In the guise of his alter ego, Kung Fu Chicken, he protects the inhabitants of Rocky Perch from Dr. Gringo, and the many other villains that lurk around the island. In his role as Kung Fu Chicken, Chuck, has many amazing abilities, but still relies on his best friends, Flick and Wing, to get him out of trouble when things go wrong, and since they go wrong frequently, Flick and Wing are kept very busy indeed.