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Christopher "Chris" Kirkman (voiced by Charlie Schlatter (pilot), Alex Walsh (web series): The 16-year-old leader of the Bravest Warriors. He has a crush on his best friend, Beth. His sticker pet is a little bee which can form a sword with a honey-comb hilt and a swarm of bees, although he lost it in "The Parasox Pub". In the episode "Cereal Master", he demonstrated his Emotion Lord powers when he moved a bottle of "Seahorse Dreams" by thinking about Beth. He has fears of losing Beth as hinted to him by the Emotion Lord, but that only sends the Emotion Lord away as he revealed part of the future to him, only to reappear in the Parasox Pub to try to get Chris to change the timeline so they can save and reunite with Beth, as the Concierge and Plum have been attempting to rewrite history. Although he does not act in the way the Emotion Lords wish, he manages to tear the fabric of spacetime by taking the Emotion Sword, opening up a new way for the Emotion Lords to manipulate time and space, and as such he is currently missing.
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