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Chizuru Makimura is a childhood friend of Shinta.


  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Human
  • Age: Unknown
  • Status: Alive


Is a teenage girl of average height with short purple hair. She is noted to be extremely attractive with a well endowed figure possessing a G-Cup breast size.


She's a bright, kindhearted, energetic and honest girl. She is an honor student with an interest in mythology. She has a large imagination and aspires to be a famous novelist.

She struggles with trying to confess or show her love for her childhood friend and crush Shinta and though she is frustrated with his denseness, she is still devoted to him no matter what.

Following her tragic experience with Plum, she has become a shell of her former self and causes her to seek comfort from the oblivious Shinta. However, there are moments where she briefly returns to her former self especially when Shinta succeeds in lifting her spirits.


Shinta Mizumura

Shinta is a childhood friend of Chizuru's, the two went to the same middle school in Kyushu. They are often seen together and seem to act as if they were a real couple which is noted by a few characters who joke about this much to the two's embarrassment. Chizuru truly loves Shinta and often tries to show her feelings to him but he is (somewhat) oblivious to her affections. Chizuru is usually frustrated with this though continues to try and get his attention. She also gets jealous of the time he spends with Lilith as this causes him to ignore her. Despite his straying attention from her, Chizuru refuses to give up on Shinta and continues to try to get him back. It is not known whether he feels the same about her though he sometimes blushes whenever she makes advances on him, meaning he may reciprocate some of her feelings. However, he cares very deeply for her and will comfort her whenever she is crying or in a depression. When discovering that Plum did awful things to her, he angrily question the man who admitted with no remorse that he was the one who hurt Chizuru. In response, Shinta stood his ground against the man before angrily punching him in the face (with his awaken powers) and swore to never forgive him for what he did to Chizuru. Chizuru was both shocked and flattered that Shinta defended her honor.


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