Chip the Dog

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Chip the Dog is a sidekick of the Cookie Crook, the anti-hero robber who attempts to steal the Cookie Crisp, and the Cookie Cop (also known as Officer Crumb), a police officer with an Irish accent who thwarts the Cookie Crook's attempts to steal the Cookie Crisp.

In 1990, Chip would howl the cereal's name ("Coo-oooooooooookie Crisp!") in each ad before he and his master were inevitably foiled by the Cookie Cop.

After General Mills bought the Cookie Crisp trademark from Ralston in 1997, Chip became the sole mascot for the cereal, and the Cookie Crook and Cookie Cop were retired.

In the new format of the advertisements from the 2000s and onwards, Chip was a friendly pooch, no longer wearing a mask, who offered Cookie Crisp to a group of kids. Typically an adult would interfere on the grounds that cookies are not breakfast food. Near the end of the ads, the adults would change their minds once Chip gave them a taste of his Cookie Crisp.

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