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Chihiro Ogino is a character in Spirited Away. She is 10 years old and has brown eyes, brown hair, and rosy cheeks. She gets trapped in the spirit world after visiting an abandoned park (she is completely invisible to other humans after becoming a yokai, also spelt 妖怪.) Her parents were turned into animals, and supposedly blacked out, although her parents don't remember anything when they wake up and turn back into humans. On her adventure, Chihiro grows as a person, and becomes a responsible, less whiny child. It's assumed that she eventually becomes an adult. She used to have a childlike personality and was easily scared, but then after the adventure she went on (we don't even know, it could have all been a dream), her personality changes for the better. She makes friends with Haku, and meets someone who works at the building in the park, Yubaba. Yubaba started off good, then turned bad, and then turned good again at the end. You can see Yubaba's page on Ghibli Wiki or Yubaba's page on Disney Wiki for more information.


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