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After Chicken Little sees a hexagon-shaped object with an image of the sky fall from the sky, he believes that the sky itself is falling, and tries to warn the town, but in doing so, he throws the town into a panic that causes him to be accused of being insane. An misfit ever since and the target of bullies, Chicken Little and his small circle of friends have since been trying to figure a way for him to change his image. For example, Chicken


Little's best friend Abby Mallard encourages him to make closure with his dad. Chicken Little sees an opportunity and tries signing up for the school baseball team, like his father was years ago. Chicken Little ends up winning the game, and is seen as popular again, but another incident with a hexagonal object and other signs of alien activity begins to unravel things. A lot happens in Chicken Little's small neighborhood as he tries to figure out the truth behind the falling piece.