"Change! You got change? Oh, come on help a guy out will ya? Come on, change!"

  • Chester A. Bum
Chester A. Bum
Doug Walker as Chester A. Bum
First appearance "Speed Racer Review"
Created by Doug Walker
Portrayed by Doug Walker
Aliases The Bum
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Movie reviewer

Chester Alfred Bum is a bum who does reviews of movies. He usually asks for change at the end of each review. He doesn't do this at the end of the Dark Knight review because he was so blown away by the movie. He considers every film to be "THE GREATEST MOVIE I'VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!" (except for Citizen Kane which he considers to be the worst movie ever). For April Fools Day 2009 he reviewed The NeverEnding Story instead of the Nostalgia Critic and Ask That Guy reviewed Monsters vs. Aliens instead of him.


Chester A. Bum wears a tan coat with a white undershirt, an orange and blue striped hat, and has long, unkempt black hair.

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