Cherry, or Cherry Blossom, (2005-2016: 2016-present as a ghost) is a character in Michael Morpurgo's short story The Giant's Necklace. Cherry created a necklace fit for a giant in 2016 but was never created, as she died and became a ghost before finishing it. She met two miner ghosts (one was a tinner), both of which died in 1875 in a mine accident from suffication two days after the accident.

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Newspaper article on Cherry's dissapearance in 2016


Cherry got lost and happened to get home to the holiday cottage. She saw security men in her house, as her family was worried that she might be dead. Her brothers were cluthing onto the shells she left behind. Cherry stormed into the house but nobody looked in her direction. She realised that she was a ghost. Cherry died in Cornwall, aged 11 from unknown causes. Her mother stated: "So she'll never finish it after all," said her mother softly. "Poor Cherry. Poor dear Cherry."

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