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Chauncey (ベビーラ Bebīra in japanese) is the third Portrait Ghost that Luigi encounters and is the first boss of Luigi's Mansion. Chauncey is the son of Neville and Lydia and the younger brother of Henry and Orville.


  • He is the only ghost with green hair, while other ghosts have different hair colors.
  • Before Chauncey is captured, the chandelier in the Foyer falls down upon being walked under, and, when it hits the floor, a Chauncey-like cry (laugh) can be heard. After Chauncey is captured and safely in his painting, this trap mysteriously stops; it is presumed that Chauncey was therefore powering the devious chandelier by unknown means.
  • In the Nursery, pictures of a small human child similar in appearance to what one may expect a living Chauncey to look like can be seen lining the walls and drawers. While these pictures can be assumed to depict Chauncey before his death, such an assumption is contradicted by the fact that Chauncey's profile lists him as born as a ghost. However, he could not have been born a ghost if he was one year old at his death. Also, if he was born a ghost, then he could not be 1, unless he was "born a ghost" a year before the events of the game. It is unknown how Chauncey had died, but some say he died while falling asleep, or listening to an eerie lullaby that caused him to be reborn as a ghost.
  • He is the youngest of all the ghosts with known ages.
  • When you check on his heart on your Game Boy Horror, you see him saying "Horsey...rocky...horsey..." in his sleep. That means he is dreaming about either his rocking horse, or someone "playing" (Unfair fighting) with him.


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