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Charlotte the Penguin is a guest who hails from Antarctica, and appears in the fourteenth episode of The Animal Show. She tells Stinky and Jake about penguins and they prefer fly in the water.


  • "What a lovely place. Sort of reminds me of the glaciers in Springtime, but less snow."
  • "But penguins don't fly."
  • "Well, you see, Stinky. I can't fly because I don't have to. We penguins get along fine the way we are."
  • "See those feet? That's where they keep their eggs before the hatch."
  • "These penguins have a flap of skin over the top to keep the egg warm."
  • "Those penguins are just shedding their baby fluff. Pretty soon, they'll start growing feathers and look more like the other penguins."
  • "That baby penguin is so little that her fluff hasn't even grown in yet."
  • "Stinky, I told you. Penguins don't need to fly."
  • "I'm sure she'd much rather fly through the water."
  • "Penguins swim better than any other bird around. In fact, we swim as well as most fish."
  • "Because the ocean is where we get our food. Penguins eat fish. The way we're shaped in our back flippers make us just perfect for gliding through the water and catching fish."
  • "You're a quick study, Stinky."
  • "Those rockhopper penguins are heading up their nests, at the top of the cliff."
  • "They just hop up the rocks until they get to the top. They've been climbing up to the tops of those cliffs for thousands of years."
  • "Sometimes, when a rockhopper penguin's new feathers come in, their old feathers grow out like that."
  • "Well, they get down the same way they get up there. The rockhoppers just retrace their steps and hop down the cliff."
  • "No. They have sharp claws that help them get a good grip on those wet rocks."
  • "Those are grooves made by the rockhoppers' claws. They've been climbing these same cliffs for so many years, they've really made their mark."
  • "There you go. Penguins are great swimmers. They just wait for the right wave and jump."
  • "Right. We do our flying under the water. Not up in the sky."
  • "Anytime. See you two around the glacier."

Voice Actress

  • Karen Prell