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This article is about the behind the scenes for characters

Kip Eckle Concept Art

An Eckle character recycled as Kip Supernova for Escape from Planet Earth.

Refurbished Characters is a term referring to the characters with their property, organs, shape and the age being rebuilt for the newer versions of their series beyond the years and months. These processes have been worked on ever since the characters were debuted and becoming revised to look unique instead of using the old versions. The process is also included to recycling characters and/or rebuilding the property of the costumes, cartoons, animation, games and others.


Some of the characters like these were reverted into their original version where they were debuted after they've been recycled once for a different movie, video game, tv and other franchise they've transported to. However, the perfomers took a lot of work on the rebuilding process of the character designs that can take also long period of time to revert back and it's parts to be back into place.