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Celeste Crackshell-Cabrera is recurring characters and M'ma's youngest child which means she's Fenton's little sister. She has always been so full of energy and such a curious child who also loves to get herself into dangerous situations but finds a way to get out of them.


Celeste is a very curious girl as well as stubborn. She loves to ask a lot of questions and sometimes annoys people without her knowing. She's also very confident on herself and others. She as well tries her best to protect the ones she loves and supports them.


Celeste can be seen wearing a white, Black and pink dress which she always wears. She sometimes carries around a brown book bag. She also wears her hair up in a Ponytail it's rare to see her with her hair down.



M'ma Cabrera

M'ma is Celeste's mother. She loves her so much and sometimes loves to spoil her though she can really be over protective of her sometimes which is why she's homeschooled.

Fenton Crackshell-Cabrera

"This hero business is starting to get annoying"

Fenton is Celeste's older brother. They both get along very well and love to spend time together. They're basically inseparable though she sometimes starts feeling a bit upset since he always keeps secrets from her as well as lectures her whenever he gets her out of danger. He's just trying to protect her.


Liam Feathery

Liam had been best friends with Celeste since forever. He was actually her very first friend. When they met it was at the park. Liam had gotten a spider on his hair and Celeste had heard his cry for help when she got there she got the spider and set it free. After that Liam thanked her for the help which lead to them starting a conversation and talking about stuff they liked. And that's how they were lead to becoming friends.

Amanda Feathery

Amanda is a really great friend of Celeste. They basically know eachother thanks to Liam giving to him being Amanda's younger brother. Amanda is also Celeste's teacher. She's basically the one who taught her how to use her sword.

Dewey Duck

Dewey is another one of Celeste's close friends. They both like to hangout together and just do whatever they wanna do for example watch a movie or go on a fun adventure.

Huey Duck

Huey and Celeste are friends even though she sometimes annoys him she loves to talk to the big headed nerd. They sometimes like to follow Fenton around though Celeste sometimes gets a bit jealous since Fenton sometimes pays more attention to Huey than her or he just spends more time with him.

Gosalyn Mallard-Waddlemeyer

Gosalyn is another friend of Celeste who she doesn't really see a lot but enjoys visiting her when she can. Whenever she goes to visit her in St. Canard they love to have really fun and chaotic sleepovers. They sometimes mess around with Drake too and go spend sometime with Launchpad as well.

Donald Duck

Donald and Celeste like to chat sometimes. She sees him as her uncle and sometimes calls him uncle Donald by accident and Donald doesn't really mind. He of course is also over protective of her and likes to play the guitar with her.

Della Duck

Della on the other hand invites Celeste along to super dangerous and fun adventures. She basically likes to be the cool aunt and she's definitely achieved that. That's why Celeste likes to go ahead and see what Della is up to whenever she goes to visit the Manor.


Boyd is basically Celeste's little brother or something like that. She likes to watch out for him and take care of him whenever she needs to. She sometimes goes exploring with him to learn new things and visit cool places.

Launchpad McQuack

Launchpad forgets Celeste's name all the time but she doesn't really mind so she just let's him call her random names. These both get along for their love of superheroes and the hate they have for squirrels they basically think that squirrels are spies for the government.

Gyro Gearloose

Celeste loves to annoy Gyro whenever she goes to the lab. She also likes to call him random nicknames like Boomer or Clyro. But he has a bit of a soft spot for her as some people do. Though he still tries to get Fenton to get her out of there.

Sawyer Duck

Celeste and Sawyer like to do dumb and chaotic stuff together either with Liam or Dewey.



Let's be honest she find the guy really annoying and boring. She sometimes gets stressed out because of his stupidity but I guess she won't have to be stressed about that anymore.


Celeste and him dated for awhile before Celeste realized what a jerk he was..


  • She is voice by Sarah Roble Nicole who voiced Luz in The Owl House.