"Oh no, no. No! It's all connected. Not alternate reality. Time loop. Luthor becomes president, Flash is killed, Superman kills Luthor in retaliation, super-human arms race. Armageddon. The end of the world. Inevitable. Is the future immutable? Can destiny be changed? Will they allow it?!"

The opposite of The Chosen One, Destiny Defiers are heroes and heroines who attempt to defy a fated event or individual. Prophecies of doom, or destined evils may say otherwise but these individuals will actively try to oppose them even armed with the knowledge that something was meant to be. Whether they can defy fate or become part of it they will try all the same.

Reasons of heroes whom become Destiny Defiers:

  • Prefers to having the normal life more than being the Chosen One that they destined to be, though they still have a choice to fulfilled the said destiny as they may unlikely able to defy it any longer. (Jake Berenson and Dave Stutler)
  • Horrified with what their future self would become had they fulfilled that destiny. This may be reasonable due to the fact that in the future, had they chooses such destiny, this may led them became more bitter or more monstrous than they used to be (the said destiny ended up led them to become evil). (Valkyrie Cain whom would become the evil Darquesse or Naruto Uzumaki, whom believed to be fated to fight each other with Sasuke Uchiha like their previous past selves Madara and Hashirama, turned out able to reconciliate with Sasuke in the end.)
  • Making the wrong step that inevitably led them turned to the dark side had they remain with the said choice. This potentially led to the worst mistake that they had in their lifetime.
  • Quit in the middle of the struggle when they already/would become the Chosen One out of unable to cope/handle the major setbacks that they had in the said struggle, like having the loved one killed during the conflict or similar situations.
  • Having the grim destiny in form of the curse or something else that inevitably ended their lives, in which the hero would try their best to defying death itself, such as (Miroku and Prince Ashitaka for example)

It is possible for a hero to be both a Chosen One AND a Destiny Defier despite the two being opposites. To do this, a hero must be chosen for a great destiny and be fighting against what has been destined, whether it's the same prophecy they're chosen for or something else entirely. A perfect example of this is Anakin Skywalker.

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