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"I'm going to make sandwich! *trips*"

  • Mario (Glove and Boots)

The Comic Relief is the funny leader and/or sidekick who always are the center of attention, and is always trying help the hero by cheering up with some comedy like Luan Loud for Lincoln Loud, Beast Boy for Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, and Raven, Genie and Iago for Aladdin, Philoctetes for Hercules, Terk and Tantor for Tarzan, Wario and Waluigi for Mario, Devon and Cornwall for Kayley, the Minions for Gru, Buford Van Stomm and Baljeet Tjinder for Phineas and Ferb, Amethyst and Peridotfor Steven Universe, Jiminy Cricket for Pinocchio, Nick and Fetcher for Ginger, Ludlow Lamonsoff for Sam Brenner, Mabel Pines and Soos Ramirez for Dipper Pines, Timon and Pumbaa for Simba, and Cowardly Lion for Dorothy Gale. This is meant to be as exclusive as Knight of Cerebus meaning it should not be in settings such as actual comedy's.

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