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"It works like this, John: I know who Mary hurt and killed. I know where to find people who hate her. I know where they live; I know their phone numbers. All in my Mind Palace – all of it. I could phone them right now and tear your whole life down – and I will ...unless you let me flick your face."

  • Charles Augustus Magnussen to John Watson, threatening him while flicking his face for his own amusement.

"So you want me to throw her father into the asylum unless she agrees to marry you? Oh that's despicable. Heh-heh, I love it!"

  • Monsieur Darque, agreeing with Gaston's plan to blackmail Belle.

Villains who partake in the criminal act of blackmail - due to the nature of blackmail many of these villains are manipulative and cunning. Blackmailers are different from Deal Makers and Extortionists for subtle reasons. Blackmail follows the "I scratch your back, you scratch mine-or else" scenario and can involve the exploitations of a persons feelings. Deal Makers are usually less underhanded than Blackmailers, as they generally seem on the same page as the person with whom they make deals. Whereas Extortionists tend to be worse because they utilize abuse and violence to get their way while offering a lesser amount to their victims.

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