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Carter is a fictional character based on The Elders Series. She is the sky and thunder goddess who rules as the Goddess of all Gods and Goddesses of Olympus. Throughout the series, Carter is deemed one of the most powerful characters.


Born in New York to a single mother, Carter was raised as a child of one of the Olympians. She lived on Mount Olympus before fleeing and going to the mortal world to be raised as a normal child with Hera and Zeus in Ohio. Due to Carter slowly aging, the family was forced to split causing Carter’s memories were stripped from her in hopes of her being raised as a normal child. Carter stopped aging after the age of 21. She comes to terms with her powers, discovers that she is a mutant, and becomes a member of a superhero team.

Besides being known as The Chosen One, Carter is also dubbed the nickname of The Forbidden Child as the daughter of Zeus and a powerful mutant mother known as Mysteria. Zeus lied by claiming Carter was the child of a close friend in order to protect her and hide his wrongdoings. Despite being the blood of Zeus, Carter’s mother transferred some of Hades powers to her which allows Carter to travel to the Underworld unaffected and also made her eligible to rule The Underworld.

Carter is the most powerful God and Goddess.

Powers and Abilities

Carter has a numerous amount of abilities with her most common one being weather control, telekinesis, and superhuman strength. She is able to fly, take control of the mind, stretch her body, and travel to different dimensions. Carter is able to travel to The Underworld with no problems. With some of Hades powers being transferred towards her, Carter was in line of succession to rule The Underworld. However, the role was turned down the moment she became the ruler of Olympus. Carter’s dark side comes from Hades.

Connections to The World

Despite her domain being Olympus, Carter tends to often travel to the mortal world on the regular as a member of The Elders. She travels to different dimensions and protects alongside the team. Carter loses a few of her abilities whenever she’s in the mortal world.