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Carpaccio is an enemy of Wario who appeared in Wario: Master of Disguise. Carpaccio is a thief who, like Wario and Count Cannoli, is after the legendaryWishstone. He comes from a wealthy family and owns a company that produces various weapons. Carpaccio also has a global company called Sigil Securities.In Episode 4, "A Third Thief Brings Grief", he challenges Wario to a battle in his superpowered form, Head Honcho Carpaccio, but is defeated by Wario. Later, he forms an alliance with Count Cannoli to stop Wario, but this too fails. Finally, in Episode 9, "More Shocking than the Next Episode?!", he challenges Wario to a rigged footrace, which Wario also wins.Carpaccio then flees to Allergia Gardens to retrieve the final piece of Wishstone, as Wario gives chase.In special Episode 3, Carpaccio issues a challenge to Wario and Cannoli to find parts to a new machine, saying he'll give the machine to whoever does.Carpaccio was actually trying to prevent Tiaramisu, the demon sealed within the Wishstone, from being released. Wario pieced the stone back together, and she arrived, planning to devour the souls of the world. Before Wario defeated her, Count Cannoli and Carpaccio managed to escape unharmed.

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