Carl (Sausage Party)

Carl is a fictional character from the 2016 adult animated film Sausage Party. He appears as a hot dog, much like his good friends Barry and Frank.

Carl is voiced by Jonah Hill.

Role In Sausage Party

In the beginning of the film, all the food in Shopwell's begin their opening theme "The Great Beyond", with each of the aisles taking turns by singing their own verses. Carl and his friends Barry and Frank look forward to the actual Great Beyond, and are eventually chosen by Camille Toh who also picked out the bun package that Brenda is in as well as other foods. Honey Mustard tries revealing to them that the Great Beyond isn't what they believe it to be. Carl and Barry lose Frank and Brenda in the process of the latter two attempting to save Honey Mustard from suicide (which he succeeds).

Later in the film, they arrive at the shopper's home, enjoying the sight of the kitchen, until an Irish potato gets peeled and boiled. Carl and the other foods are horrified, learning that Honey Mustard was right about their impending doom. As he and Barry are about to succeed in escaping, Carl is killed from being stabbed and sliced upwards by Camille, leaving Barry to escape alone.

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