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Cardamon is Bee's downstairs neighbor and landlord.

== Personality


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Cardamon has a very straight and even business-like personality for his young age. He takes his job as Bee's landlord very seriously. He seems to be very mature for is age and takes full responsibility for Bee's home and has a distinctive professional sounding accent, which somewhat contradicts and creates an irony with his childish voice.


Cardamon is a young looking child with light purple hair. He wears pink shorts, odd colored socks (one being a darker blue than the other), a yellow dog backpack, a blue jumper with a white dress shirt underneath, and a yellow tie.


Cardamon is able to fix things around the apartment such as Bee's toilet in Beach. He can also text on a phone. Cardamon is also shown to be proficient in origami.


  • Cardamon is Bee's landlord.
  • It is hinted that his mother might be in a coma or has passed away.


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